Leading in Software as a Service (SaaS)

In 2004 we implemented PrismPortal user authentication, providing secure, responsive, and reliable access to our clients’ applications over the internet. This was long before SaaS was an industry term.

As pioneers in SaaS, we knew we needed to make Fortune 500 companies (and their IT executives) comfortable trusting us with sensitive  information. And that’s exactly what we did, by designing solutions that minimized risks and maximized benefits.

As others have played catch-up, we have continued to lead, by constantly improving both our infrastructure and our interfaces. We have implemented process and technology solutions to the most common SaaS concerns, and partnered with industry leader Peer 1 Hosting to provide state-of-the-art security, availability, and responsiveness.

SaaS Benefits

Now that SaaS has become mainstream, the potential benefits are widely touted. At PrismQuality, we have designed our approach to ensure that you fully realize these benefits, which include:

  • Secure accessibility from anywhere
  • Enhanced integration of your suppliers and customers
  • Rapid implementation resulting in incredible time-to-value
  • Painless ongoing upgrades and improvements
  • Zero IT infrastructure expense
  • Minimal internal IT effort

One Price

PrismQuality solutions, both packaged and custom, are offered under an annual fee which includes:

  • All licensing
  • All necessary infrastructure
  • Secure hosting service
  • All necessary administration and project management
  • Monthly delivery of full data backups and reports
  • User help desk support

Getting SaaS Right

Data Confidentiality

Your data is accessible only to those you approve. We use state-of-the-art secure infrastructure and industry best practices for user validation and secure transmission. Each of our clients has an isolated database, never shared. Secure accessibility over the web means less hard copies and emails floating around with potentially sensitive information.

Data Ownership

While you use our applications to generate and manipulate key information across your enterprise, we make sure that information is available to you when and how you need it. In addition to real-time access tools, our service allows you to store complete data backups on-site as desired.


Our Global 8D packaged software was specifically engineered to allow almost any conceivable customization while still allowing you to fully benefit from ongoing upgrades to the software. Your Global 8D implementation is uniquely and distinctly yours. With Prism, SaaS does not mean inflexibility!


We believe that “hosted” shouldn’t mean “isolated”. We can talk to your internal systems and they can talk to us, securely and efficiently. Ask us. We’ve done it.