Global 8D

PrismQuality’s Global 8D hosted software is a world-class solution that allows individuals and teams across an enterprise and supply chain to create, request, review, and report on problem solving efforts using the proven Global 8D methodology.

Global 8D is a team-oriented problem-solving support tool, a collaboration enabler, and a knowledge repository.  Engineered to handle large-scale worldwide corporate implementations, but available to companies of all sizes. Current customers include: Navistar, UTC (Carrier, Otis), Bendix, Regal, Sanden, SRAM, Vermeer, and Modine.

Free Pilot

PrismQuality offers a no-obligation fully-functional pilot of Global 8D for your evaluation, allowing for an in-depth experience and real-world trial before you make any commitment.

We look forward to demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing the best-in-class online problem-solving software.  To request your Global 8D pilot, or to learn more, please contact us.

Ford Testimonials

“This is certainly a key enabler for ensuring robust problem resolution in my department… My whole team uses it; and without it we would have to revert to using paper-based 8Ds…  Furthermore it is user-friendly and time-efficient. We should be using this as a model for how to design computer applications.”
Manager, Powertrain Systems Engineering Ford

I’ve just been through a serious 8D exercise with a x-functional team that was spread across several countries and continents (Europe, US, Canada, Mexico)… The global 8D data base was a key enabler for success, mainly because it provided a platform for sharing all 8D related information real time without paper, fax, latest version syndrome, etc. Secondly it enabled on-demand management updates without sending paper, files, and without spending no-value-adding time preparing presentations.

“G8D proved to be a tool in the spirit of 21st century business communication.”

Manager, Engine Program Ford
Once they had used it for the first time, the engineers liked it because it leads them through the process and provides them with good documentation.”
Assistant Chief Program Engineer Ford

In Chassis Engineering, by simply quoting the G8D number, engineers in the UK, the US, and Belgium have the ability to get the latest information instantly and in many cases could work together to update [an] 8D from two continents simultaneously.”
Supervisor, Chassis Engineering Ford

The web based tool has been vital to effective documentation and communication of the process for the team as the work progresses… It provides a consistent way of reporting team progress for management reviews.”
Supervisor, Quality Reliability Team Ford
I have switched all my transmission problems over to the Global 8D system. I have found it to be a reliable, easy-to-use system with which my Global teams can add/access information at their convenience. I would be hard pressed to name any database that operates so flawlessly.”
Supervisor, Transmission Systems Ford

Features and Benefits


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Handles complex problems with multiple Root Causes, Escape Points, and Corrective Actions
  • File attachment to 8Ds at each D-step
  • Email integration, to facilitate quick and easy communication among Team Members
  • Flexible email subscription capability, to automatically keep you on top of changes to your 8Ds, impending target dates, and more
  • Team communication log
  • Team assignment management
  • Easy yet secure supplier access with built-in confidentiality protections
  • Quick “D-Zero” reporting alternative
  • Flexible search capability
  • Attractive standardized report output
  • Flexibility for installation-specific customizations
  • Ability to integrate with corporate data sources, such as employees, organization codes, part numbers, supplier codes, customer codes, etc.
  • Ongoing upgrades featuring user-directed improvements
  • Higher quality problem solving across the enterprise
  • Standardization of process and output across the enterprise
  • Significantly enhanced communication between all problem-solving stakeholders
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Full access to “lessons learned” across history and across business units
  • Greatly improved supplier quality management.