PrismQuality and Custom Development

While some applications lend themselves well to off-the-shelf packages, such packages can often be awkward and expensive force-fits. Our custom approach can provide an effective and affordable alternative.

The conventional view of custom solutions is that they are risky, expensive, and take too long to implement. We’ve worked hard to eliminate those concerns, and our track record speaks to our success in doing just that.

The Best of Both Worlds

Traditionally, firms have had to weigh the custom vs. packaged decision and the internal vs. external hosting decision, trading off  the risks and costs, strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.

At PrismQuality, we’ve created a unique approach we call Custom Software as a Service.

We have created tremendous value for our clients by custom designing solutions precisely to their needs, then offering these solutions under a hosted, leased model. You get all the benefits of a hosted, packaged system, and all the benefits of custom development together. Too good to be true? Read on.

Lose the Risk

Simply put, with PrismQuality you make no commitment until you know exactly what you are going to get, when you are going to get it, and how much it is going to cost. By employing an incredibly thorough prototyping process, we drive out 99% of all issues prior to build, resulting in a clean design that can be delivered on time and on budget. Because we get it right the first time, our custom systems are often quicker to implement, less expensive, and more effective than packaged solutions that often require awkward, expensive, time-consuming customization.

Design for Success

At PrismQuality, we’ve evolved a state-of-the-art design process that has delivered exceptional results again and again. Our software is frequently praised for its accessibility, low learning curve, and ease of use.  These qualities reflect the design philosophy, skills, and the experience we bring to all our projects. By going custom, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. (And it’s the “nothing you don’t” that often makes the difference between a successful system and an expensive flop.)

Real Partnership

We’ve grown PrismQuality by earning the trust of our customers, pure and simple. As a result, the vast majority of our projects have been repeat business or direct referral. Of course, this reflects our ability to deliver. But it starts and ends with respect. Open and honest communication is not just a goal with us; it’s the only way we know how to work.

Everything we do at PrismQuality is grounded in a strong respect for our clients and a real desire to make your work more efficient. We make sure that our design sessions are time well spent, with intelligent questions prepared in advance and thorough post meeting documentation to ensure that we are constantly moving the ball forward. We are always aware that you will live with the system we create, so we never assume we know better than you do. And we’re not satisfied until we’ve designed something that you can’t wait to get your hands on.

Our Specialties

PrismQuality’s fundamental approach to design and development can be applied to any web-based database need. However, we have particular strength and experience in areas dealing with:

  • Specialty Issue Management
  • Process Support
  • Collaboration
  • Workflow
  • Supplier Integration

Talk to Us

As with any significant project, success depends largely on the specific individuals involved. Our track record of success is due to the unique skills, talents, and experience of our core team (averaging over 10 years with PrismQuality) combined with our distinct approach and philosophy. We are confident that if you talk with us about what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, and what we can do for you, there’s a very good chance you’ll select PrismQuality for your project.

Sample Projects

Each of the following PrismQuality projects were:

  • Custom developed for major manufacturing companies
  • Delivered on time and on budget
  • Successfully launched with high customer satisfaction

Prototype Issue Management

PrismQuality designed and developed the system that forms the backbone of issue management through various prototype design and build phases for this major OEM. We’ve maintained this successful system through ongoing upgrades and improvements, including integration with virtual build environments.

Reliability Management

PrismQuality designed and developed an application providing custom tracking of test failures, integrated with Global 8D to ensure full accountability and follow-through on issues.

Six-Sigma Project Management

PrismQuality designed and developed a solution for identifying, analyzing, and selecting potential Six-Sigma projects based on cost/benefit. This system also helps structure and manage selected projects through completion.

Deviation Management

PrismQuality designed and developed this solution to effectively streamline the notification and approval process for design deviations during production. The system replaced a tedious manual system with a clean, organized workflow custom-tailored to the process at hand.

Supplier Compliance Documentation

Rising to our customer’s scheduling challenge, PrismQuality took this major OEM client through design and development in a matter of weeks. The resulting solution provides paperless signoff on critical compliance documentation from suppliers, while providing a flexible, accessible database of the collected information.